Roots and Wings Indy

Roots and Wings is a secular, fully parent run co-op. We meet on Wednesdays for 5 5-week sessions throughout the school year, beginning at the end of August and concluding at the end of May. We typically take a two week break between each session, with a longer break spanning the holiday season. In addition to these 5-week sessions, we also have a ‘mini-session’ in December that includes a Holiday party. Often, there is an optional field trip planned during one of the ‘off’ weeks. Each session is usually concluded with some kind of optional event. Some events we have done in the past include a Poetry Slam and Art Show, a STEAM Fair, Talent Show, and Field Day. Participation in these events is not mandatory, though attendance is encouraged to support the kids who do want to show off their skills and projects!

Our day is broken up into morning and afternoon classes. Morning classes are preceded by a meeting at 9:45, and begin at 10am. Mornings are broken up roughly by age group and last until 12. Some morning class topics we have covered in the past include poetry, STEAM, community service, and outdoors/camping. What topics are covered can vary by age group based on what our parents what to teach.

Afternoon classes often, but not always, include more of the ‘specials’. Some classes offered in the past have included art, making and tinkering, dance, showchoir, and band. Last year, a Biztown class was offered that spanned a few sessions and concluded with a day at Biztown.

Parents do all of the planning, execution, and teaching. All parents are required to stay during co-op time and either teach, assist, or do some other co-op related work. We are not a drop-off program.